2014 Jaguar X-Type

March 7th, 2013 · 0 Comments · Jaguar

2014 Jaguar X-Type – Regardless of the fact that the 2014 Jaguar X-Type isn’t what you can get an old and out of date model, the British based automaker Jaguar is presently tackling a successor for the prominent model and the vehicle might be started in 2015 in a considerable measure of designs which incorporate a car and even a roadster, however official items regarding the destiny X-Type stay in the shadows for the time being.

Jaguar may display another era of the 2014 Jaguar X-Type in 2014 and the passage-level model might additionally come as a car and even a roadster, along the “excellent” vehicle form, which might put it as an even solid contestant to its fundamental German equals, particularly if the vehicle will get some “premium” elevated-tech headlines.

2014 Jaguar X-Type FaceLift

2014 Jaguar X-Type FaceLift

2014 Jaguar X-Type Specs

The British web space states that the new era of the Jaguar 2014 Jaguar X-Type may be controlled by an assortment of new motors, incorporating a 1.8 liter, four-barrel, turbocharged petrol motor which is advancing around 170 HP, yet expressions similar to all-wheel drive and eight/nine-speed mechanical transmissions are evidently being stated by the specialists who are taking a shot at the passage-level’s successor.

2014 Jaguar X-Type Release Date

2014 Jaguar X-Type Release Date

2014 Jaguar X-Type Price

Autocar additionally states that the upcoming 2014 Jaguar X-Type could be set available for sale opposite the upcoming Audi A3 and the Mercedes-Benz CLS and the vehicle is needed to be valued from 22.000 GBP, so it won’t precisely be a plan model.

2014 Jaguar X-Type Gallery


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