2012 Volkswagen Beetle R Concept

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The 2012 Volkswagen Beetle R Concept was painted in’Serious Grey’, offers a glimpse of what a production version might look like. Outside, the concept is equipped with alloy wheels 20-inch “Talladega” whose style is like that of the Golf R and Scirocco R. However, 18 and 19 inch wheels are mounted on cars. Easy to find in Beetle wheels which feature 5 triple spokes, are the blue brake calipers in designing 2012 Volkswagen Beetle R Concept.

Designers completely redesigned the front and rear bumpers that were widened by 30 mm. In front, the bumper module practically consists of 3 air intakes, which are styled in contrasting “Black Glossy”. The central air intake oxygen supply to the motor, while the two outer contribute to brake cooling. The front spoiler, also painted in “Black Gloss”, is designed as a flat splitter (with a chrome strip); splitters of this kind are typically used in motorsport. To regulate engine temperature within an optimal range, even under extreme conditions, ventilation slots are found on the right side of the hood and engine went.

The rear bumper also has air exhaust slots that are integrated in the aerodynamic concept of the Beetle R Concept. There is also a diffuser integrated in the lower part of the bumper. Together with the rear spoiler-which is significantly higher than the Beetle production models with up to 200 horsepower-and its black trailing edge, ideal downforce values? are generated at the rear axle. A visual and acoustic highlight is the exhaust system with its 2 sets of dual chrome exhaust pipes.

On each side, the 2012 Volkswagen Beetle R Concept bumpers transition into the free wings, but they were also widened 15 mm per side. The side sills are styled in “Black Gloss”, a high-end chrome strip is incorporated here. Also painted in “Black Gloss” are the roof, the upper part of the bootlid connecting to it, the mirror housings and door handles doors.

The 2012 Volkswagen Beetle R Concept in contrast color “Black Gloss” that was already used on the exterior is used in the interior as well as for dashboard accents and decorative elements around the gear shift grip. Interior designers also styled the instruments to be R-specific. Amended behold the central instrument cluster (tachometer in the middle, in the style of a sports car) and the auxiliary instruments laid above the center console. Plates doorway updated logo R. Meanwhile, brushed aluminum is used for all pedal caps. Matching the seats with their blue piping are the fabric mats with their blue-black double borders of color.

2012 Volkswagen Beetle R Concept

2012 Volkswagen Beetle R Concept