2012 Volkswagen Cross Coupe Concept

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The Tokyo Motor Show Volkswagen shows its concept of an SUV of the future, the 2012 Volkswagen Cross Coupe Concept. Visually the all-wheel-drive plug-in hybrid vehicle shows how Volkswagen designers could envisage a crossover between a four-door 2012 Volkswagen Cross Coupe Concept and a compact SUV. The design team led by Walter de Silva and Klaus Bischoff have created a fascinating study that impressively combines the best of two worlds. Original, strong in character, sculptural and dynamic, the 2012 Volkswagen Cross Coupe Concept represents the future of SUV design at Volkswagen.

Technically too the very sporty 2012 Volkswagen Cross Coupe Concept defines a new status, which is based on the new modular transverse matrix Volkswagen (MQB)-the first model to be publicly displayed. Features of the Cross Coupé consequently include strikingly short overhangs of the body. The four-seat SUV is powered by two electric motors and a direct injection turbo petrol (TSI) engine. The Cross Coupé can drive a distance of up to 45 kilometers purely on electric power. The drive system in the wheel “electric drive shaft’represents an innovation for Volkswagen, with the rear axle is driven by the rear of the two electric motors. In this situation, power to the electric motor for the rear one in the front, which in this phase acts as a generator driven by the engine is supplied TSI. In the Cross Coupé the flow of electrical energy thus replaces the conventional transfer of power by means of a drive shaft.

Defining features of the 2012 Volkswagen Cross Coupe Conceptlook are the long hood, a new front section design, the passenger compartment that is set way back, and in comparison to conventional SUVs the line very low window. In general, designers have also achieved muscular and athletic contours, but very clear. The Cross Coupé gives the appearance of a sculpture milled from a solid material: extremely precise and modern. Highly independent, the Cross Coupé shows the direction in which Volkswagen design is developing.

A striking element is a shoulder line, also known as the tornado line, that looks like it was cut with a razor blade, extending just below the frameless windows, extending from the front to rear spoiler. At the end of the line to the bottom of the wings are distinctly flared, they create a powerful sideline and produce a silhouette that-although closely integrated into the style of an SUV-is reminiscent of a sports car. Fitting perfectly into the image alloy wheels are 20-inch, fitted with 265/45 tires. At the rear a voluminous coupé C column rises over the wheel arches and in silhouette the entire rear of the car seems to rest on 20-inch alloys.

2012 Volkswagen Cross Coupe Concept

2012 Volkswagen Cross Coupe Concept

The 2012 Volkswagen Cross Coupe Concept has not one but three motors, which work together efficiently as a hybrid system. At the front under the hood is a TSI petrol engine delivering 110 kW maximum torque of 210 Nm and an electric motor with an output of 40 kW and 180 Nm of torque. Together or individually these two motors power the front axle. If the 2012 Volkswagen Cross Coupe Concept is to be used on all wheels or pure electric power mode, other electric motor cuts in. This has been integrated as a coaxial drive unit in the design of the rear axle. This motor drives the rear wheels. This second electric motor generates up to 85 kW and develops a torque of 270 Nm. The total system output  is a maximum of 195 kW.