2013 Alfa Romeo 4c

2013 Alfa Romeo 4c – The Alfa Romeo 4C concept made its debut on the 81st International Motor Show in March 2011. 2013 Alfa Romeo 4c is a small light rear wheel drive sports car, and its size is comparable or slightly lower than Alfa Romeo MiTo super-mini. This is a two-seat coupe, the Centro Stile Alfa Romeo developed and uses a carbon fiber tub, before pressing Backbox and rear frame hybrid mainly of aluminum to keep weight at850 pounds. The weight distribution is rearwardly from the front 40% and 60%. The car has been independently developed by Alfa Romeo, but with methods similar to those of the KTM X-Bow and Lotus Elise. 2013 Alfa Romeo 4c is a high square front suspension and McPherson struts at the rear axle.

According to Article 1 December 2011, the 2013 Alfa Romeo 4c is a brand new, all-aluminum 800 cc, 230 hp 170 kW brake line 4-cylinder. This engine has the ability to produce 300 horsepower. The engine is designed to keep weight to a minimum, and is likely to be in the replacement of 159, the Giulia. The body is not carbon fiber, with front and rear tables is aluminum. This increases the weight by about 900 kg 0-62 mph in 4.5 seconds should be achieved with a top speed of 250 km by a power-weight of 4 kg. Alfa Romeo has a new 1.8-liter engine, 221 kW, which can not be confirmed or appear in the 2013 Alfa Romeo 4c.

2013 Alfa Romeo 4c is a six-speed dual-clutch gearbox equipped Alfa TCT dry and can be operated via paddles. It also has an Alfa DNA selector control, the dynamic behavior of the engine, brakes, steering, throttle response, suspension and transmission control. The paint color of the concept car is “Lava Red” and is a mix of Alfa Romeo and Black Metallic Red Metallic, creating a black shadow, and the red glow in the many folds in the shape of the car. A second suit, “Cash” was also published. The car will probably be between £ 35,000 and £ 40,000 costs.  Shortly after the show, many seemed made convertible on the Internet, but confirmed a car like the Alfa Romeo. 4C will go into production in 2013, and will be the first mass-produced Alfa Romeo re-entering the U.S. market.

2013 Alfa Romeo 4c Concept

2013 Alfa Romeo 4c Concept

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