2013 Alfa Romeo Berlina

2013 Alfa Romeo Berlina – The Alfa Romeo Giulia, Alfa Romeo is an automobile. Alfa is one of the first manufacturers to put a powerful engine in a light wagon for the production of the majority. The Julia weighed about 1000 kg. The car was equipped with a double overhead camshaft alloy dome, four-cylinder engine, similar to previous models, Giulietta range. The 2013 Alfa Romeo Berlina motor skills are in 1.3 liters or 1.6 liters.2013 Alfa Romeo Berlina’s various configurations of carburetor adjustment and electricity produced from about 80 to about 55 to 75 kW.

2013 Alfa Romeo Berlina lively performance in the saloons of the time is known, especially given the modest size of the engine. Supply popular version with 1.6-liter twin carburettor had a top speed of 170 kph involved  0 to 100 km per hour in around 12 seconds. 2013 Alfa Romeo Berlina’s performance was better than many sports cars of the 1960s and early 1970s.

The 2013 Alfa Romeo Berlina design is very simple, but very detailed. The engine compartment, passenger compartment and trunk were square. However, the grid lines of the roof and the details on the hood and trunk for a bumper to bumper integrated design. There was also a car with a very low coefficient of drag for the moment. For example, the drag coefficient of Julia was lower than that of a Porsche 911 with the same period.

The 2013 Alfa Romeo Berlina Spider, Sprint and Giulia Sprint Special was introduced in the sedan in 1962, Julia rebadged and updated versions of earlier models, Giulietta, now with a 1.6-liter engine instead of 1.3 liters. This is most easily distinguished from the Giulietta Spider, a domed hood, the engine had to clear a little later. Sprint coupe, it was also for a short period with the 1.3-liter engine as the 1300 Sprint – essentially a Giulietta Sprint with a new name. Most models were discontinued in 1964. The Sprint Special lasted until 1966.

2013 Alfa Romeo Berlina 1750

2013 Alfa Romeo Berlina 1750