2013 Mercedes-Benz B-Class

2013 Mercedes-Benz B-Class – The 2013 Mercedes-Benz B-Class is a small family car of the German car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz in March introduced in 2005. Is essentially an extension of the Class A retention of the same engine and chassis. As a Class A, was constructed and unlike any other Mercedes vehicle or built, is a 2013 Mercedes-Benz B-Class, a front wheel drive vehicle. Mercedes-Benz describes this vehicle as a Compact Sports Tourer instead of gasoline or a minivan, such as the R-Class model, called the Grand Sports Tourer.

It was released in Europe in the spring of 2005 and Canada in fall 2005. Plans to import the car in the United States through Mexico are on hold because of the strong euro has been made, but it is likely that a new version of the car in the U.S. in 2012. Class B is a design of two boxes: a box of unit-train and other compartments for passengers and luggage. The proceeds of the Class B much of its relatively large internal volume for its height, a configuration that makes the most of the footprint of the vehicle.

After the smallest to a class, a car that is designed to be a version with batteries that will meet in California repealed because no emissions mandate was developed. The concept of the sandwich floor, the structure of the car on the ground where the battery will take place in Class B. Class B is offering a spacious interior, especially because of the sandwich system. The multi-function steering wheel, the driver can use your thumb to control the radio, phone and other systems. Power steering system helps in control of the vehicle, which varies the speed.

COMAND APS is a system where driving instructions from the navigation system and available information provided by TMC are given. The controls on the car radio, DVD player and telephone in a single device with a 6.5-inch screen combined. The options are: standard Audio 20, Audio 50 APS or COMAND APS. 2013 Mercedes-Benz B-Class has recently launched a fresh appeal, Class B, launched with a renewed look-a-Class and M-Class to life.

The new class B has a redesigned bonnet, front bumper, taillights, mirrors, and is now effectively on the B170 NGT Blue. The B170 NGT Blue can effectively operate on gas or petrol, and when full, covers up to 1000 km. The new category B is now available with new trim and upholstery. In September 2011, Daimler-Benz announced a complete replacement for the Mercedes W245 B-Class was unveiled at the IAA in Frankfurt in 2011. The platform is shared with the new 2013 Mercedes-Benz B-Class, with front-wheel drive will support a variety of formats and coupé body mini-MPV. Unlike Class B W245, the substitution in the position, engine and ancillary components is to divide a larger model of the Mercedes, although across an initiative to reduce their overall costs mounted.

In July 2011, Daimler AG has details on the upcoming Mercedes-Benz B-class public, the so-called internal w246. The entry level B180 petrol uses the HP M270 1.6 four-cylinder 122 and the B200 is powered by the 1.6 same as the B180, but pushed to 156 hp. For fans spark plug, use the 1.8 engine OM651 B180 CDI common rail diesel mounted transversely for the first time, while the B200 CDI uses the same engine, but with the high output of 136 hp.

2013 Mercedes-Benz B-Class Roof

2013 Mercedes-Benz B-Class Roof