2013 Suzuki Swift Sport

2013 Suzuki Swift Sport Р2013 Suzuki Swift is a sports car that will be presented by Suzuki at the beginning of 2012, the new Suzuki Swift Sport is the S-Three doors and appeared at the Melbourne Motor Show  for 2013 Suzuki Swift Sport. With a 1.6-liter engine, which is capable of an output of 136 hp 2012 Suzuki Swift in Europe, with the Ford Fiesta and Volkswagen Polo TSI GT 2012 Suzuki Swift currently competing in testing at the Nurburgring. S-Concept is a three-door version of the first of the fourth generation of the AZ series Swift in Australia launched in February to life was Рa fact that is ignored most of the news Рbut Suzuki has not confirmed if it will be a five-door Swift Sport Swift or public be three-door variant.

Anyway, the new flagship of the Suzuki Swift performance three-door, said the first sale in Australia and the Suzuki Sport Europe production faithfully is the concept of the pump to and the body front bumper with improved aerodynamics show aggression, “massive” wings, rear diffuser “lateral” mirror “with a vent.” We do not know whether the second is the cooling channel flank behind the double pair of the exhaust output S-Concept outboard engine air intake behind the side skirts or enthusiasts wide vertical openings in the space front cover – in or style three tense signals.

2013 Suzuki Swift Sport Price

2013 Suzuki Swift Sport has officially confirmed the next Suzuki Swift Sport will be available with a six-speed transmission with shift paddles on the steering wheel automatic transmission. When combined with a lighter three-door body, you should do a sport FWD faster than garden-variety model Swift, which has a 1.4-liter 70 kW, and the previous generation of Suzuki Swift Sport, based on a four 1.6 -liter 92kW. Expect New Suzuki Swift Sport 2013 price range in line with its predecessor cost $ 23.990, opened above the line of the three variants of the revised Swift and closed at $ 15.990 to $ 20.690.

2013 Suzuki Swift Sport Concept

2013 Suzuki Swift Sport Concept