2014 Maserati Convertible

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2014 Maserati GranTurismo Convertible Convertible Convertible Convertible 2014 Maserati is brand new due to showrooms across North America in mid-April. This is one of the biggest release in terms of length and wheelbase convertibles. The roof and side windows open with the push of a button, so that complete freedom while walking aimlessly up and down the coast. The engine is a 4.7-liter V8, 433 hp, 361 lb-ft six-speed automatic transmission with torque converter. Reported for sale at $ 140,000.

Dreary winter season in Europe has really a particularly difficult and unexpected examination for 2014 Maserati 2014 Maserati convertible generated. It is due to the fact that there is rain in Rome, but alternatively of cold and snow craters road network in Italy in a crazy surface have better suited for a convertible SUV glamor with a classic identity. We find potholes, cracks, crevices and curves definitely check the integrity of any vehicle without a roof, which risked the stability of the architecture from the beginning. However, this version of the 2014 Maserati convertible acted with a mild electric drive take it all with little more than weak trembles through the steering column and columns.

There are also some special features. 2014 Maserati convertible top windshield has actually reinforced with an aluminum insert and then infused with architectural foam. The roll bar rear window actually seems certain seniors headache free flip-over. And the electrically driven hydraulic pump, which operates most effectively replaceable soft located in an area where less noise convertible Maserati send 2014 as possible. This reality has been made with an eye on the weight in hand and weighs only 220 pounds more changed than the coupe, about 150 pounds, which could be done from the roof terrace and its mechanisms. It is a great success, but I have to say that the entire takeoff weight of 4365 pounds grain is far less extraordinary.

2014 Maserati convertible invested little time worrying about exactly what kind of roof with crowning of the GranTurismo, Pininfarina seeking articles, at least analyze the leading engineering packages much easier and allows for more flexibility in designing a hardtop. Maserati 2014 points tested roof folds in 28 seconds and does, or 20 seconds if you do not have the rise and fall of the window. Transformation can be performed at a speed of about 19 mph, and order the triple roof wrapped in 6 colors. There is absolutely nothing soft about the hardware under the hood, because this is a different version of the V8 Ferrari convertible engineering now seen in various Alfa Romeo and Maserati 2014 design along with the Golden State Ferrari and Ferrari 458 Italia. The mechanical preparation for 2014 Maserati GranTurismo Convertible is the 4.7-liter V8 and a ZF-built six-speed automatic transmission directly behind the engine. Although this vehicle has no rear automated manual transmission sporty version Scoupe Convertible 2014 Maserati and Maserati Quattroporte remains surprisingly harmonizes the weight distribution. Some 51 percent of the weight of change rests on the rear wheels when the load by up to 52 percent if the best is down.

2014 Maserati Convertible Release

2014 Maserati Convertible Release

2014 Maserati convertible has its flaws. You have to go out and consume significantly less fuel. The fabric roof terrace should be a little quieter to evaluate, because the air plays a role uneven it far at 90 miles per hour and creaks over the sea. The Bose stereo sounds disappointing artificial luxury.

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