2014 Maybach Coupe

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The 2014 Maybach Coupe car has gorgeous body that will attract a lot of eyeballs while driving on driving. The 12-V Coupe based on the Maybach 57 and is designed to test a high-speed tires for German tire manufacturer Fulda. 2014 Maybach Coupe exceed the 188 hour mark Fulda. The super-Bach could reach 55 miles per hour in 4.4 seconds, with the support of two turbochargers and 740 pound-feet of torque. Since the Mercedes-Benz parent Daimler to get any larger batches coupe glamorous a “superfood” for its fading Maybach brand, the company’s real boon for design company based in Germany Xenatec was a two-door version of the make Maybach 57S. Are created in close cooperation with said Maybach Coupe 2014, the 57S Coupe special will certainly install a minimum number of strictly 100 copies, each worth EUR650 significant, about U.S. $ 000 with the exchange rate today or 805 000 euros.

The transformation of a sedan for a coupe is updating A-, B-and C-pillars in the second column of 200 mm, rear sloping roofline, front changed and rear end, and slightly larger body back, keeping the same wheelbase 3, 39 m long as the car design. The flared wheel arches filled car new 20 – Additional alloy wheels or 21-inch. The four-seater 57S Coupe keeps the standard Maybach Coupe 2014 6.0-liter V12 biturbo engine with 612HP for the record, in the last episode was uploaded to lift and 630hp anticipate about 5.0 seconds for the standard 62mph 0 -100 kmh sprint and explodes somewhere around 275 kmh or 171 mph. Surprisingly, despite only sport double doors Coupe Maybach car will retain a 5.73 meters long, making the fit between a coupe in a world of extensive.

The March 2014 Maybach Coupe is actually mixing style, a windshield fit some-especially acute B-pillars are used behind a vehicle to the gates much more with and the C-pillar set to design fashion, the coupe-like silhouette. 2014 Maybach Coupe is detected with the same 6.0-liter V12 biturbo accurate Maybach Coupe in 2014, produces maximum power of 456kW. No doubt, we develop a limited period of hundred systems, either bring higher prices tab than 650,000 euros or just shy of A $ 1 hundred. The first Maybach coupe in 2014, known as Cruiserio, the game sold in Saudi Arabia. Produced by Xenatec Maybach was induced transformation of Burch Fred Hardt, the man, the Exelero concept and interesting features, but the conventional style of writing created.

2014 Maybach Coupe Redesign

2014 Maybach Coupe Redesign

The power supply is provided 1.000 Nm is available over a 6.0-liter V12 engine with 603 hp 450 kW / 612 hp and 738 lb-ft of torque. This allows the 2014 Maybach Coupe from 0-100 km / h in 5 seconds to accelerate before he roars from 275 kmh 171 hours miles. German coachbuilder Xenatec motor Ward made a lot of noise last year with his Maybach Coupe 2014 announced that they will show an example of this ultra-lux vehicle in Agenda 2014 Geneva Motor Show, to be compared with less than one per week. This cruiser model is from a client only showing a matte finish once applied by hand in several layers to create a bright brass tone indicated develop.

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