2014 Volkswagen Golf R

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The 2014 Volkswagen Golf R is equipped with a comprehensive package of exclusive features. Along with specially designed bumpers, the side skirts and aluminum alloy wheels 18 inches, the 2014 Volkswagen Golf R can also be visually distinguished by details such as standard Bi-Xenon headlights with newly designed LED daytime running lights LED taillights dark red and a dual exhaust system with four branch chrome tips. Inside, the 2014 Volkswagen Golf R underlines its position as the flagship of the range of models with sports seats in a combination of materials’ Alcantara ® fabric, “a leather-wrapped three-spoke sport steering wheel, ambient lighting, control. automated weather, radio system and touch screen the most powerful and fuel-efficient Golf R will be launched in the fourth quarter of this year, two-and four-door forms.

2014 Volkswagen Golf R Engine

The 2014 Volkswagen Golf R has an even more advanced version of the EA888 turbocharged four cylinder direct-injection 2.0 liter engine that is mounted on the 2014 Volkswagen Golf RGTI. Compared to the GTI 227 hp engine, engineers boosted power by 69-296 hp delivered at 5500 rpm, thus creating one of the most powerful production engines of four cylinders in the world. The maximum torque has been increased from 22 to 280 lb-ft lb-ft, available over a wide speed range 1800-5500 rpm. To achieve this output, the 1,984 cc engine of the Golf R was subjected to a development program in the style of motor sports. The following components were modified or completely redesigned compared to the GTI engine  the cylinder head, pistons, valves high pressure injection and turbocharger.

2014 Volkswagen Golf R Suspension

The 2014 Volkswagen Golf R uses 4MOTION permanent four-wheel drive. The next-generation system that is now being used in the fourth generation Golf R. refinements Using as the Haldex coupling 5, the 4MOTION system is activated before it happens any wheelspin, eliminating almost all losses of traction. The system achieves this by using advanced control function based on specific driving conditions. When operating under a relatively low load or when coasting, the front wheels are driven and disengage the rear axle, helping to save fuel. (Concept carz) However, the rear wheels can be hired variably split-second when needed. This is done by Haldex coupling which is activated by an electro hydraulic pump oil.

The 2014 Volkswagen Golf R control unit continuously calculates ideal for the rear and controls how much the multi-disc clutch should be closed by activating the oil pump wheel torque. The oil pressure increases the contact pressure at the clutch plates in proportion to the desired torque at the rear axle. Thus, the amount of pressure applied to the clutch plates can be used to continuously vary the amount of torque that runs between the front and rear wheels. If necessary, almost 100 percent of the torque can be directed to the rear wheels.

In addition to the 2014 Volkswagen Golf R Haldex clutch, which acts as a locking latch, four blocks electronic differential (EDS), which are a function of the Law on the system of electronic stability control and side locks. The brake system briefly a wheel slips, which allows uninterrupted and stable power transfer wheel drive on the opposite side.

In addition, the 2014 Volkswagen Golf R is equipped with transverse differential lock (XDS) in the front and rear axles. In the latest version, known as XDS , this feature applies to a broader range of dynamic performance making the vehicle more agile. When the 2014 Volkswagen Golf R is being driven faster, brake pressure is applied to the inner wheel to restore optimal traction as soon as the electronics detect light loads too,  thus acts as a transverse differential lock that compensates for under-steering in fast corners.

The 2014 Volkswagen Golf R features a sport suspension setup that is specifically tuned for the car. Compared with the base course, the ride height has been lowered by 0.8 inches, which makes the Golf R 0.2 inches lower than the GTI. In the Golf R, the McPherson type front suspension lower arm has a new development and multi-link rear suspension has been upgraded with new pitch link bearings feet.

Engineers designed the chassis of the new Golf R to maximum driving fun combined with outstanding stability and good long-distance comfort. Compared to the previous model steering response was enhanced by the new variable steering rack “progressive” relationship. In addition, a maximum attainable speed on curves and under-steer significantly increased nearly eliminated.

2014 Volkswagen Golf R

2014 Volkswagen Golf R

2014 Volkswagen Golf R navigation

Radio and navigation systems. Volkswagen Golf R is equipped with the redesigned radio systems and radio/navigation, all of which have serial touchscreens. The new generation system is available in three different screen sizes  5 inches, 5.8 inches and 8 inches. For the first time, Volkswagen has equipped proximity sensors on the displays that are 5.8 inches or more, as soon as the driver or front passenger to move a finger around the touch screen, the system automatically switches the display mode to mode entry.