2015 Bentley Continental Supersports

2015 Bentley Continental Supersports is the latest series of Bentley cars. Bentley Continental Supersports was the first time in 2009 and 2015 Bentley Continental models, the concept of performance coupé released in new versions of the engine. According to Bentley, “give the new Bentley Continental Supersports able total of 650 hp, while the previous version of the Bentley Continental GT is capable of 616 hp.

In addition to the extra engine, the new Bentley Continental Supersports will reduce their weight in order to reach the maximum speed. And inside there are signs of carbon fiber composite material, seat and cabin. To the atmosphere is more Supersports, Bentley Continental 2015 probably feels you remove the two rear seats, so that only the two front seats. While control of the organization is firmer and have a more powerful engine exhaust wrap.

2015 Bentley Continental Supersports has not provided information will be released when the new Bentley Continental Supersports, could be next year. Prices and specifications when the data is updated after Bentley announced the official information. Luxury sports cars such as Continental Supersports Coupe 650 hp Bentley is known set to hit the market in 2014. The weight of the sports car is lighter because it is a carbon fiber panel, stiff suspension and a cabin that can be removed and used W12 twin-turbo engine. To lose weight, Bentley will install a carbon-fiber body panels, lightweight composite seats and rear seats, so that just a two-seat passenger.

2015 Bentley Continental Supersports Black Edition

2015 Bentley Continental Supersports Black Edition

Bentley Supersport latest models launched in the fall of 2009 to life before the release of 2015 Bentley Continental Supersports, but the new model line is the long-term model. 2015 Bentley Continental Supersports models, the gap between the model with 616 hp and Continental models with a 675 GT3 power. Bentley GT3 to start in 2015. 2015 Bentley Continental Supersports is the gap between the speed of horses and 616 GT3 Bentley Continental plans to release in 2015. The price of the new Bentley Continental Supersports 2015 will be announced at a later date.

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