2015 Bentley SUV

2015 Bentley SUV – Bentley has revealed that their upcoming 2015 Bentley SUV will start from the concept EXP 9F was shown in Geneva last year. The 600 horses seemed EXP 9F borrow Mulsanne front end, a new style of a Range Rover borrowed. In an interview with British newspaper The Guardian, Kevin Rose, Director of Sales and Marketing at Bentley and the oldest British company based in Germany now promised customers to the brand in 2015 Bentley SUV would be nothing like the concept SUV to be current vehicle, and are invoked in response to allegations that the car is proposed Falcon said he had “nothing to do with it, will not be called Falcon.”

2015 Bentley SUV will go into production, perhaps in Eastern Europe but sold in the UK from 2015 to 2016 to compete with the recently launched Range Rover. A high-end Range Rover, with all optional accessories, can cost up to £ 125,000 (about $ 189,000) and Bentley, is tentatively called Falcon by Wolfgang Schreiber, President and Chief Bentley designated management should represent the same value, but with more exclusivity.

2015 Bentley SUV Redesign

2015 Bentley SUV Redesign

Of course, that’s a little dramatic, but so are people that Bentley has confirmed a Bentley SUV scheduled to hit their lineup sometime 2015 2015 mock. If everyone remembers, these are the same people who are horrified that Porsche to build the Cayenne and look how well that has been decided for them. Now, with an increase of 37 per cent of sales in 2011, plans to Bentley, this number doubled by the new SUV that it is “the world’s most luxurious 4×4” SUV and targeting growing markets Bentley SUV in 2015 as U.S. and China. The title of “luxury”, also with the price match, the price of the starting point for this future SUV rumors reached $ 271,000, so that the starting price of $ 48,200 Porsche Cayenne look like it belongs to a Kia Sportage.

So what are the price that the so-called jumbo luxury 2015 Bentley SUV built in the future, swirling rumors that a twin-turbo V-8 engine is standard and a W-12 is an option. Bentley is a big step in improving your sales give a 2015 Bentley SUV a chance to unfold in 2015. You need to be a serious competitor for the Porsche Cayenne in the world. Probably not, but that does not mean that the high-end customers with deep pockets are not considering the possibility of basking in the lush promised by Bentley.