Benefit of Krav Maga for Children

Children and adolescents are often the victims of physical assault. Therefore, choosing an effective, high-quality defensive skill is essential to whatever situations they may encounter in their daily lives. The SGS Krav Maga Kids training will teach you real-life defense techniques that work not only against bullies but for any adult attacker.

Krav Maga for Children

Krav Maga for Children

The curriculum includes solutions to conflicts or violent situations that are most common in each age group. Common situations they will learn to deal with include slaps, punches, kicks, shirt grips, neck grips, strangulation, and throwing. Children and adolescents are taught to recognize potential dangers, the best way to avoid them, and to protect themselves from any physical assault.

This is also important in situations where they may be attacked by adults for criminal or sexual harassment. Children and adolescents will be taught the most effective way to protect themselves from the most powerful adult, to escape, and to report an incident to a supervisor. Children also learn important skills such as breaking and rolling that will help them fall safely. In addition to the dangerous situations, this can be helpful when playing, be it running, swinging, or cycling.

Like Krav Maga Global Adult Studies, we teach children an effective and enjoyable way to better protect themselves at school, on the playground, or on the street. We also emphasize the development of important personality traits such as self-control and self-confidence. Children and adolescents learn to make decisions in stressful situations and to learn how to use fighting techniques in a timely manner. The training is done by trained instructors who have been specially trained for children and is done in a safe environment with safety measures to reduce the risk of injury.

Who is SGS Krav Maga?

Based in Sydney, Hurstville, SGS KRAV Magas was established to provide a sound defense and a well-known and well-respected strategic plan around the world. SGS Krav Maga offers practical and factual defense courses based on a curriculum approved by Krav Maga’s world-leading organization, Krav Maga Global. SGS Krav Maga runs classes that cater for adults seven days a week, catering for young students aged 4 to older. Each class is adapted to suit a variety of physical skills to ensure that all participants experience interactive learning and understanding of Krav Maga.

SGS Krav Maga also provides a self-defense program designed for local primary and secondary schools as part of the sport and physical education program which commends and compulsory Child Protection Unit of the NSW Department of Education. The program has been very successful in reducing bullying between schools. SGS Krav Maga regularly returns to the community holding self-defense workshops for two women a year at no cost to attendees. SGS Krav Maga is passionate about promoting good, honest-based, and good members of the local community, this was evident during the closure of COVID -19 when SGS Krav Maga offered members to voluntarily pay for their membership, while SGS Krav Maga. produce daily video content for each school section.

Our teaching team is one of the largest teacher groups. All of our instructors often travel around Australia to train at KMG national events, ensuring that our students receive the best and most up-to-date training. SGS Head Coach Krav Maga is ranked at Professional level 1, has been trained internationally and internationally, and has hosted numerous workshops within KMG Greece and KMG Cyprus.