Toyota Hilux

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Toyota Hilux 4x4

Toyota Hilux is a series of compact pickup trucks produced and marketed by the Japanese manufacturer Toyota. Most countries used the Hilux name for the entire life of the series but in North America, the Hilux name was retired in 1976 in favor of Truck, SUV or compact. In North America the popular option package, […]

2014 Toyota Tacoma

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2014 Toyota Tcoma 4X4

2014 Toyota Tacoma –  2014 Toyota Tacoma is impeccability of the early typewriter, Toyota Metropolis videlicet 2011th On the surface of this car with a bad key dashing striking oily any attempt of this car, looks like the item, the package has to be adjusted with helmets and giant tires for all types of soil […]

2013 Toyota Avalon

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2013 Toyota Avalon XLE

2013 Toyota Avalon – The 2013 Toyota Avalonis a full-size car produced by Toyota in the USA and is the flagship sedan of Toyota in the USA, Canada, Puerto Rico and the Middle East. Even in Australia from 2000 until July 2005 when he was in November 2006 by the Toyota Aurion instead replaced. The […]

2014 Toyota Camry

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014 Toyota Camry – Toyota has officially announced the arrival of the new Camry Sedan 2013 2014 and his brother hybrid in the U.S. market place this fall at the annual national sales of the company, which took place on Wednesday in Las Vegas. The Japanese company said that the next generation of its best-selling […]

2014 Toyota Supra

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2014 Toyota Supra Pictures

2014 Toyota Supra-  We’re talking about a sequel to the legendary 2014 Toyota Supra, this car has it and down, so persistent that we lost count! And now new rumors suggest that the auto industry could meet again in the pipeline, the traders in the late 2015’s to 2014 Toyota Supra Price less than $ 60,000. […]

2014 Toyota Rav4

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2014 Toyota Rav4

2014 Toyota Rav4 – 2014 Toyota RAV4 SUV is one of the most important for us and so much beloved in the United States with presentations, specifications with modern amenities and all new. According to information we received, this car will be driven by 2013 MPG: 23/31/26 and prices start at $ 24,000 – $ […]

2014 Toyota Venza

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2014 Toyota Venza – Toyota Venza offers a half-wave recovery class for 2014, 2014 Toyota Venza Manual, but is primarily a property renovated and solutions. It is recommended to design variations from 2013 to 2014 Chevy models Venza might even be elected to the store.  2014 Toyota Venza Manual, style changes Venza 2014 information changes […]

2014 Toyota Highlander

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2014 Toyota Highlander – The Toyota Highlander is a mid-sized SUV that is smooth, quiet,. With a versatile cabin with space for seven years. 2014 Toyota Highlander features a number of changes. All 2011 Highlander models get a fresh look solid with a new hood, fenders, grille and front bumper, taillights. The Hybrid has its […]

2014 Toyota Tundra

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2014 Toyota Tundra Redesign

2014 Toyota Tundra – The 2014 Toyota Tundra is the best truck on the road today are equipped with options and equivalent safety measures. It is smaller than Ford, Dodge and General Motors trucks. Tundra is the larger of the two Toyota pickup lines and changes for 2014 are cosmetic changes, flared standard antilock brakes […]

2014 Toyota Corolla

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2014 Toyota Corolla Sedan

2014 Toyota Corolla  – Toyota Corolla 2014 a better car for the same specifications, performance and comfort will be updates to previous models. But not many changes in this car will be given a substantial legacy new magazine in 2012, so the car is not expected. According to information we received, 2014 Toyota Corolla maintained […]