2018 Jaguar XJ

2018 Jaguar XJ R

The 2018 Jaguar XJ is full-size Luxury, lagging behind in the race for the latest cutting-edge technology, but still manages to offer sexier than any of its competitors. Jaguar XJ 2018 is available in regular long wheelbase models, the latter becoming the standard configuration of the class. All 2018 XJ models will come with heated […]

2018 Acura ILX Type S

2018 Acura TLX Type S Model

2018 Acura ILX Type S will be the latest version of this compact sedan ad. Acura ILX is the compact of the luxury sedan Honda of the Acura brand brand. All ILX types are based on the Civic Sedan for the ninth generation. ILX became the first Acura compact model since the RSX was left […]

2018 Acura TSX

2018 Acura TSX Interior

2018 Acura TSX is a mid-level luxury car manufactured by Acura. Introduced in April 2003 as a 2004 model, Acura TSX was sold only in the United States and Canada, but since the 2009 model year, it is also available in Mexico. Acura TSX is also sold in Guam and Puerto Rico. The 2018 Acura […]

2018 Acura TL

2018 Acura TL SH-AWD

2018 Acura TL is a mid-size luxury car manufactured by Acura. It was introduced in 1995 to replace the Acura Vigor and was awarded to the Japanese market from 1996 to 2000 as a Honda Inspire and from 1996 to 2004 as a Honda Saber. The TL was the best selling Acura until it was […]

2018 Acura NSX

2018 Acura NSX Engine

2018 Acura NSX or 2018 Honda NSX, marketed in North America as the Acura NSX, is a two-seat mid-engined sports car manufactured by Honda / Acura. The origins of the NSX go back to 1984, with the HP-X concept (Honda Pininfarina eXperimental), which was a sports car with a 3.0L V6 rear engine with a […]

2018 Opel Astra

2018 Opel Astra Sedan

The 2018 Opel Astra is a compact car/small family car engineered and manufactured by the German automaker Opel since 1991. Opel Astra is branded as the Vauxhall Astra in the United Kingdom and the Buick Excelle XT in China. The Holden Astra was discontinued in Australia and New Zealand in 2009, because exchange rates made […]

2018 Opel Corsa

2018 Opel Corsa OPC

The 2018 Opel Corsa is a supermini car that was manufactured and manufactured by the German automaker Opel since 1982. Opel Corsa has been sold among several other brands (especially Vauxhall, Chevrolet, and Holden) and has also reported various derivatives in different markets. The present fifth generation 2018 Corsa is built in Spain and in Germany. […]

2018 Opel Insignia

2018 Opel Insignia GSI

The 2018 Opel Insignia is a medium-sized luxury car designed and produced by the German automaker Opel.  The Opel Insignia 2018 is sold under the Vauxhall brand in the UK and was manufactured in North America and China as the Buick Regal. Opel Insignia has launched in Australia and New Zealand under the Holden brand […]

2018 Tesla Model S

2018 Tesla Model S Interior

The 2018 Tesla Model S has an almost bare dashboard with only one centrally mounted LCD screen.  Model 3 2018 is a medium-sized, full electric four-door luxury limousine manufactured and marketed by Tesla Motors. The modern features make distinguishes the Model S from every other electric motor that is on the market is that it […]

2018 Tesla Model 3

Tesla 2018 Model 3

The third generation 2018 Tesla Model 3 is the Tesla BlueStar organized by the previous business plan. The purpose vehicle expires Model E, a demand for the goal after the Ford has the mark on the “Model E” Indicate musk on July 16, 2014, That there would be “Model 3” in its place. The 350 […]